Gordon “Slim” Chalmers '35
Induction Year: 1975
Sport(s): Swimming, Men's Soccer
Graduation Year: 1935

Gordon Chalmers won varsity letters in swimming and soccer in four years at Franklin & Marshall College. He ran a marathon through athletics, starting at competition in college meets, to competition in international meets, to coach and Director of Athletics. He was a member of the 1932 United States Olympic Team and was an NCAA national champion in 1933 in the 150-yard backstroke. Chalmers coached swimming at West Point Academy and then became the Director of Athletics at Iowa State, the same position held by Charlie Mayser during the World War I era. He also held the following offices: President of the National Swimming Coaches Association, President of the United States Gymnastics Federation and a member of the Board of Directors for the U.S. Olympics Committee. He is now the retired Director of Athletics for Indiana State University and lives in New London, New Hampshire.