Women’s Rowing Battles in Rochester

Women’s Rowing Battles in Rochester

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Franklin & Marshall's women's rowing team took on Rochester, RIT, and Ithaca in a series of duels on Saturday in New York.

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The Diplomats' First Varsity 8+ boat of Dori Coplan (coxswain), Katie Benham (8), Paige Alexander (7), Teresa Chappell (6), Liz Brodie (5), Margaret Stoner (4), Annette Von Jaglinsky (3), Leah Issokson (2), and Helen Nelson (1) finished their morning race with a time of 9:21.21 but dropped their duel against Rochester (9:15.40). 

In the PM session, F&M faced RIT but came up short with its time of 9:30.05. RIT finished first at 8:37.70. 

F&M's Second Varsity 8+ boat of Kelly Minard (coxswain), Sam Hershey (8), Grace Berg (7), Rebecca McCain (6), Madeline Cook (5), Emilie MacDonald (4), Shannon Cunningham (3), Kayleigh Rine (2), and Sarah Labovitz (1) won their morning duel against Rochester. The Diplomats finished with a time of 9:58.25, compared to Rochester's time of 10:11.15.

The PM session saw the Second Varsity 8+ boat come up short against Ithaca with times of 9:40.75 – 10:52.12. 

The Diplomats return to competition next weekend at the Knecht Cup in West Windsor, N.J.