Shorewomen Stop Diplomats on Water

Shorewomen Stop Diplomats on Water

CHESTERTOWN, Md. –  Franklin and Marshall's rowers fell to Washington College in both the men's and women's races Sunday morning on the Chester River on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

The women raced with Melissa Brotschul at coxswain, Allie Noll in stroke seat, followed by Rebecca Weast, Erin Bradley, Alex Merrick, Brittany George, Katie Winfree, Kate Emert and bow Emma Cedar. The Diplomats led the Shorewomen at the 500  meter mark and then slowly slipped off the pace over the remainder of the 2000 meter course.   F&M rowers improved their relative position to Washington College from the previ0us year.  In spring 2008, the Shorewomen beat F&M by 24 seconds versus the 13  seconds this year.

Washington's entry clocked an 6.41 to F&M's 6.54.

"Washington College remains one of the top crews in the Mid Atlantic Rowing Conference," said Head Coach, Claus Wolter. "Last year the Shorewomen qualified for the  NCAA Championships and we believe racing them is one of the best ways for us to gauge or potential for success in a given year."

F&M also entered a women's JV 8-oared shell with coxswain Jan Heddens, Erin Feeney, Morgan Burgess, Kelsey Harrer, Seymone Killins, Erin Bradley, Alison Ercolano, Dara Hesslein and Roni Setton. The JV's lost to Washington College 8.01 to 8.30.

The day’s races were delayed a half-hour due to heavy fog. Right before the scheduled start a torrential downpour moved across the Chester River before the skies cleared up and the wind moved in. The coaches and race officials worked diligently to get everything in before the water became too dangerous.

The Diplomats row next Saturday at Lehigh University.

Women's Varsity Eight
1 Washington 6:41
2 F&M 6:54

Women's Second Varsity Eight
1 Washington 8:01
2 F&M 8:30