Women's Crew Races the Head of the Fish

Women's Crew Races the Head of the Fish

SARATOGA, N.Y. – Franklin & Marshall’s Women’s Varsity Eight placed 14th out of the 18 boats in the Women’s Collegiate Final at the Head of the Fish Regatta held on Sunday. The Diplomats rowed a 14:03, a shade fewer than minutes off of the championship pace rowed by the Williams College entry.

The crew regained their composure and stitched together a solid performance that met objectives they had set for themselves after Head Coach Claus Wolter made lineup switches following the previous outing.

Rowing aggressively, but with control, the Diplomats ran into a spot of trouble early in the race, colliding with a crew that they were overtaking. F&M's crew had to halt rowing for a spell, losing valuable seconds until they could extricate themselves from a tangle of oars. The crew recovered their pace and rhythm and rowed solidly for he remaining two miles.

Racing from bow to coxswain were Debra Gladwin, Caitlin Knierim, Erin Bradley, Rebecca Weast, Allie Noll, Emma Cedar, Brittany George, Kathryn Winfree and Jan Heddens.

The event concluded the fall portion of the F&M crew slate.


Team Description Results
Williams College- Boat A
( Age:20 )
William Smith College- Boat A 00:12:35:23 
University of Massachusetts - Boat A 00:12:37:70 

University of Vermont - Boat A
( Age:19 )

St. Lawrence University - Boat A 00:12:57:40 
Tufts University - Boat A
( Age:20 )
Duquesne University- Boat A
( Age:19 )
Colgate University Womens - Boat A 00:13:04:43 
Marist College - Boat A 00:13:14:00 
Hiawatha Island Boat Club- Boat A 00:13:18:44 
Trinity College - Boat A 00:13:35:24 
University at Albany - Boat A 00:13:44:51 
Sacred Heart University- Boat A 00:13:51:60 
Franklin & Marshall College - Boat A 00:14:03:01 
Cazenovia College - Boat A 00:14:34:94 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - Boat A 00:15:00:45 
Oswego State - Boat A 00:18:13:12 
SUNY Geneseo- Boat A 10:14:04:74