Varsity Women Earn Bronze at First Conference Championships

Varsity Women Earn Bronze at First Conference Championships

LEWISBERRY, Pa. -- Franklin and Marshall women’s varsity 8 captured the Bronze at the  inaugural Mid-Atlantic Rowing Conference (MARC) Championships at Gifford Pinchot State Park on Saturday. The league began operation this year with nine members.

The Diplomats finished second in their morning heat and advanced to the grand final in the afternoon. The Diplomats, who were ranked fourth of nine, started quickly and challenged first and second seeds, Washington and Mary Washington to about the halfway mark.

The Shoremen began edging away slowly at that point along with Mary Washington.   F&M stayed the course and pulled away from third ranked Marietta and clinched the bronze.

Medal winners in the F&M crew were (from bow to coxswain) Emma Cedar, Kate Emert, Katie Winfree, Brittany George, Alexandra Merrick, Erin Bradley, Rebecca Weast, stroke, Alexandra Noll and coxswain Melissa Brotschul.

The Diplomats second varsity women’s eight (bow to stern) Dara Hesslein, Roni Setton, Meghan McGrath, Seymone Killins, Alison Ercolano, Morgan Burgess, Kelsey Harrer, stroke Erin Feeney and coxswain Jan Heddens, saved their best race for the conference championship and finished fourth, just two seconds behind Bryn Mawr. 

Together the two F&M boats combined to finish 3rd in the overall team points championships.

The league announced its first All-Conference and Academic Honor Roll as part of the day’s festivities. Melissa Brotschul and Rebecca Weast were named All-Conference. Weast and Brittany George were named to the Academic Honor Roll. To qualify, student-athletes must a) have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5, b) be in their second, third, or fourth year of eligibility, AND c) must have competed in 75% of the varsity competitions or competed in the MARC Championships.

The Bronze medal caps crews second season as a varsity team. 

Final MARC Standings

Team - Points
Mary Washington    21
Washington College    17
Franklin and Marshall    12
Bryn Mawr    11
Marietta    8
North Park   
Richard Stockton   
Johns Hopkins   
Rutgers Camden   


Event 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
WV8 Ht 1 Washington Franklin & Marshall Bryn Mawr Richard Stockton    
College 7:06.46 7.16.89 7.21.26 7.30.03
WV8 Ht 2 Mary Washington Marietta College North Park Johns Hopkins    
7.21.5 7.27.8 7.35.79 7.44.7
WV8 Final Washington College Mary Washington Franklin & Marshall Marietta College Bryn Mawr North Park
7.50.4 7.56.49 8.03.86 8.08.57 8.23.78  
WV8 small final Johns Hopkins Richard Stockton        
8.10.56 8.10.66
WJV8 Mary Washington Washington College Bryn Mawr Franklin & Marshall Mary Washington B  
7.20.56 7.28.09   7.56.71 8.05.49


2009 All Mid-Atlantic Rowing Conference (Women)
Eileen Downs - Bryn Mawr
Katherine Faigen - Bryn Mawr
Melissa Brotschul - Franklin & Marshall
Rebecca Weast - Franklin & Marshall
Becky Williamson - Johns Hopkins
Vanessa Damm - Johns Hopkins
Amanda Chuderewicz - Marietta
Elizabeth Bratton - Marietta
Karolyn Milton - Mary Washington
Stephanie Lefferts - Mary Washington
Kaitlin Jackson - North Park
Michelle Benisek - North Park
Melanie Whalen - Richard Stockton
Michelle Elberson - Richard Stockton
Melissa Kendall - Rutgers-Camden
Kathleen Malony - Rutgers-Camden
Ericka Malow - Washington College
Jenna Lapointe - Washington College

2009 Mid-Atlantic Rowing Conference Academic Honor Roll
Jane Morris - Bryn Mawr
Brittany George - Franklin & Marshall
Rebecca Weast - Franklin & Marshall *
Katie Blumer - Johns Hopkins
Becky Williamson - Johns Hopkins *
Uejin Kim - Johns Hopkins
Vanessa Damm - Johns Hopkins *
Alissha Tuteja - Johns Hopkins
Marielle Gibbons - Mary Washington
Kaela Rigterink - North Park
Kaitlin Jackson - North Park *
Kara Bladel - North Park
Maya Munson - North Park
Michelle Benisek - North Park *
Melissa Kendall - Rutgers-Camden
Christine Lynch - Washington College
Ericka Malow - Washington College *
Jenna Lapointe - Washington College *
Krista Jensen - Washington College
Nicole Rousseau - Washington College
Sarah Holland - Washington College

* indicates student-athlete was also named All-Conference