Joshua D. Arnold ’72 Award

Established in 2001 with a gift from Joshua D. Arnold ’72.  The award will be given annually, one to a member of the men’s varsity cross country team and one to a member of the women’s varsity cross country team. The intent of the award is to honor, not necessarily the fastest or most successful members of the varsity cross country teams, but those who are, in the judgment of the coaches, the hardest working members of the teams.

Year   Men's           Women's
2018   William DeLince           Emily Natoli
2017   Jacob Dupont           Grace Adams and Jackie Becker
2016   Ignacio Picado-Fallas and Mike Whalen           Caroline Kearney
2015   Spencer Lyman and Ryan Kiger           Rachel Weiss
2014   Luk Olenginski           Alyssa Taylor
2013   J.T. Paganelli           Katie Lane
2012   Class of 2013           Sheena Crawley
2011   Dave Raffman           Jessica Love
2010   Tim Merlino           Laura Schmitz