F&M Football Alumni Toby Merrill '97 Passed Away

Toby Merrill '97 passed away after a two-year battle with cancer. Toby is survived by his wife Susan, class of '96, and his two beautiful daughters Livi and Emma.  Toby "put the hay in the barn" during his fight and wore an F&M Dips branded bracelet during his entire battle.  He was vocal about what his experience at F&M and being part of our team meant to him during his life. He cherished those lifelong F&M relationships he built with so many.  We will strive to carry on his spirit that embodied his love for life, fun seeking personality, hard work, kindness for others and love of his family and friends. 

True of Toby's character, one of his final wishes was to start a charity on his behalf that creates a lasting legacy to help provide financial assistance for high school students.  Toby wants those children to have the opportunity to pursue the same college experience to help them to fulfill their own potential and achieve their personal goals.  

We will be celebrating Toby's life on Friday August 19th: 

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church 

819 E. Cathedral Road, Roxborough, PA 19128.

Visitation 10:00AM-11:00AM, Memorial Mass 11:00AM. 

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the Toby Merrill Scholarship: www.TobyMerrillScholarship.org