Football Receives Advice from USMC Colonel Henry ‘87

Football Receives Advice from USMC Colonel Henry ‘87

LANCASTER, Pa. -- In preparation for its game against Dickinson last week, the Franklin & Marshall football team received encouragement and motivation from United States Marine Corp. Colonel John Henry.  Colonel Henry is 1987 graduate of F&M and flew in from Japan to speak with the team last Friday. 

"Our football leadership society and football team were excited to hear Colonel Henry speak," said coach John Troxell.  "Colonel Henry is a tremendous leader of the finest men in uniform and what he does today is because of what he learned here at F&M.  He is what we want all our football players here at F&M to be, a leader, a husband, a friend, and an F&M Football Diplomat."

Colonel addressed the team on the practice field and emphasized three major lessons he learned as a former football player and during his time in the United States Marine Corp. He talked about teamwork, how to be completely prepared and having mental toughness. 

Colonel Henry also serves as a mentor to junior Sam Dickinson. The mentor program connects current junior and senior football players with alumni who can provide advice, support the player and help with life after college.

F&M is off this weekend and returns to action next Saturday when the Diplomats host McDaniel at 1:00 p.m.