Intramurals at F&M

Franklin and Marshall is an official member of the National Intramural-Recreational Sports association (NIRSA). All intramural sports follow official NIRSA rules.

What are intramurals?

Intramurals (IM's) are a collection of one-day tournaments, special events, and leagues that put F&M student organized teams against other F&M student organized teams. IM's vary in their competitiveness from activity to activity and from team to team. F&M REC Sports hopes that IM's will become an important part of the F&M student's experience. It provides all students an opportunity to participate in some type of activity as regularly as his or her interest, ability, and time will permit. Students will find throughout the course of the year that there is something for everyone.

How do I join?

Students and FPS will receive e-mails stating what events are ongoing and upcoming. When you see information follow the instructions. Most leagues require the assembling of a team, but most one-day tournaments or special events require just showing up.

Roster Form

Who's eligible to participate?

All current students and FSA are eligible to participate in IM activities. Varsity athletes who are currently in season are not eligible to participate in leagues but are able to participate in any one-day tournament or special events.

What activities do you offer?


-Flag Football (Men's and Women's), September/October, Teams: Co-Ed/Male/Female and House Teams*

-Outdoor and Indoor Soccer (Men's and Women's),October, November, and December Teams: Co-Ed/Male/Female and House Teams

-Basketball (Men's and Women's), February/March, Teams:  Co-Ed/Male/Female/House Teams

-Softball (Men's and Women's), April/May, Teams:  Co-Ed/Male/Female/House Teams

Eligibility: All current Franklin & Marshall College Students, Faculty and staff

*Going on now!

What's New

This year we are hoping to establish a "House" Division along with the "Open" Division. Teams from the "House" Division will compete against other "house" teams for bragging rights and for a yet to be named "Cup." The winner of the House division receives a certain number of points. The House teams will accumulate points throughout the year in the different intramural offerings. The team with the most points at the end of the year will receive the "Cup". The "Cup" will remain with the winning house until another house claims it.

Look for emails containing information about the newest upcoming IM House events!