Communicating with Coaches 

Be proactive.  Identify a number of schools that you think could be a good fit for you based on size, distance from home, potential major, basketball program etc.   If you are not sure how big a school you want or how far from home you would like to go, pick a few in different categories and investigate further.

When getting in contact with coaches, send them useful information:

  • Contact info for you and your parents
  • GPA, test scores, transcript if available
  • Athletic information – position, height, club team, schedule, etc.
  • I would recommend putting together some highlight clips as well as some longer stretches of game film for coaches to watch.   Upload it to YouTube or similar website and send out the link.

While corresponding with a coach, start to get information from them.  It is a two way street.

All of this can be done without paying a recruiting service.  The key is to be proactive.  I think that personal emails are always best.

Visiting Campus

As you start visiting schools, have an idea of what you are looking for in a school and what you are looking for in a basketball program.  Do some research before you step foot on a campus. 

Prepare a list of questions ahead of time.  It’s okay to pull out your list while meeting with a coach.  I actually like it when a student does that, it demonstrates to me that she is prepared and put some thought into her visit.

If possible, sit in on a practice or catch a game. It’s helpful to see how the team interacts, how the players interact with the coaching staff, and what the coach is like on the sidelines. 

Also, if you have the opportunity, talk to some of the players, they have the first hand experience of being a student-athlete at that school.  Plus they will be your future teammates – pick their brain!

Evaluating your Play 

Finally, when you are playing at a big tournament or any other situation where you are being evaluated (or not being evaluated for that matter), focus on playing hard and being a good teammate.  That is always most important and good things will come from it.