You've got questions...

You've got questions...

Coaches want to meet with student athletes who are organized and know what questions they want to ask.  There is nothing more frustrating than meeting with a player and he does not have any questions.  The player should speak for himself.

Coaches do not have any problem answering questions from the parents, but we really want to hear the student athlete communicate first.  When the parent dominates the conversation, it is a red flag for many coaches.

Prepare a series of questions before coming into a meeting with a coach. The coach will be impressed that you put some thought into your visit to campus.  

When I meet with recruits there are a few questions that I feel they should ask for their own interest…

  1. What are your recruiting needs for this year's recruiting class?  Are you recruiting players at my position?
  2. What does your roster look like for next year?  How many underclassmen play my position?  How many seniors play my position? How many players are you looking to bring in for next fall?
  3. Looking at my academic resume, do you think I will be admitted to F&M?
  4. How does the process work?  What are the next steps I need to take to become a part of your program?
  5. How do I get in front of your coaching staff to be evaluated?  Do you have any camps coming up?

Finally, follow up the meeting with an email the next day thanking the coach for his time and ask any follow up questions.