Scholar-Athlete Profiles

The Franklin & Marshall scholar-athlete profile features one Diplomat per month who personifies what it means to be an NCAA student-athlete. The F&M campus is filled with dedicated, passionate, and talented student-athletes who have interesting stories to tell – and it's our goal to let those stories be heard. To be chosen as a scholar-athlete of the month, F&M student-athletes must demonstrate academic excellence, leadership, and community service, or have a noteworthy story that stretches beyond the realm of athletic competition. 


Edgar Garcia - Wrestling

Brandon Federici - Men's Basketball

Tamir Shemesh - Men's Rowing

Janse Schermerhorn - Men's Soccer

Alyssa Ward - Women's Track & Field

Annie Horsley - Field Hockey

Taalib Gerald - Football


Melissa Epstein - Women's Squash

Sarah Haddon - Women's Basketball

Josh Young - Football/Wrestling

Sarah Mischianti - Women's Soccer

Ellie Ezekiel - Volleyball


Rebecca Swisher - Women's Track & Field

A.J. Koikoi - Football/Men's Lacrosse

Megan Liang - Women's Swimming

Ugo Okolie - Men's Soccer

Brad Lankler - Men's Golf

Jamie Davidow - Women's Rowing


Caroline Doran - Women's Lacrosse

Cedric Moune - Men's Basketball

Kimberly Hilfrank - Women's Cross Country

Jordan Zackery - Football

Kara & Lesile Bacile - Women's Basketball

Derek Pawlush - Men's Soccer/Men's Track & Field


Jin Hwang - Men's Swimming

Dana Sleeper - Women's Tennis

Dylan Cunningham - Men's Squash

James Rucinski - Men's Cross Country/Track & Field/Squash

Mike Haines - Football

Bethany Vincent - Field Hockey

Ellana Benabou - Volleyball