Softball Thinking Green in Lancaster

Softball Thinking Green in Lancaster

LANCASTER, Pa. - Each spring, the rise of a new softball season celebrates the return of greenery in central Pennsylvania. While Spring is still a few months away, Franklin & Marshall's softball team was out caring for the environment by planting more than 300 trees throughout Lancaster on Saturday morning.

The event, organized by the City of Lancaster's Stormwater Bureau, aimed to "restore the riparian buffer" on Riverside Ave, an area owned by the City of Lancaster.

Per the event's description, "A large portion of this site will remain undeveloped because it is in the 100-year floodplain of the Conestoga River. Much of this parcel's floodplain is currently turf, which presents an excellent opportunity for reforestation."

The team helped to plant the more than 340 trees that were donated by Penn State's Agriculture & Environment Center and Donegal Trout Unlimited.

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