Squash Video System Gains Industry Notice

Squash Video System Gains Industry Notice

LANCASTER, Pa. – Franklin & Marshall’s squash venue was recently outfitted with a cutting edge digital video system. The revolutionary system was noted in CEPro, a custom electronics industry magazine.

The system, installed by B&B Communications, features a permanently mounted camera on each of F&M’s five squash courts. The camera feeds are routed into the office of Head Coach, John White, the world’s former number one player.

That’s where the magic happens.

The system racked in White’s office allows the coaching staff to digitally record each match or training session on each court simultaneously. With the tap of the touchscreen interface, it can simultaneously produce five digital copies of one court, or any combination of courts and copies.

The system will also revolutionize the webcasts of Franklin & Marshall’s squash matches in its partnership with B2 Networks. An integrated switcher will allow the airing of competition from all five courts, eliminating dead time on screen. Microphones built into the court will pick up ambient sound, while the traditional pre-match introductions audio will be piped directly into the webcast.