Diplomats Join Ware Institute to Develop Uniform Recycling Program

Diplomats Join Ware Institute to Develop Uniform Recycling Program

LANCASTER, Pa. - Franklin & Marshall's Athletic Department has teamed up with the Ware Institute for Civic Engagement to develop a uniform recycling program. This socially conscious combined initiative will donate uniforms worn by F&M varsity athletes to local and international community partners.

The process is already underway, with uniforms recently donated to children at the Chris Campbell Memorial Field in South Africa earlier this year.  

The goal of the initiative is to support community partners that help provide opportunities for youth to reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens, while further developing the holistic concept of the student-athlete at F&M.

Ware Institute

The Ware Institute for Civic Engagement serves as F&M's hub for identifying and sustaining community partnerships that address real needs. Acting in this capacity, the Institute builds relationships with community partners, supports student-led service initiatives and collaborates with faculty in community-based-learning coursework.

Chris Campbell Memorial Field

The Chris Campbell Field and Education Center is located in the Khayelitsha district of Cape Town, South Africa, was constructed as an education and sports focal point for this poverty-stricken township. F&M's connection to this area was born out of the tragic passing of Chris Campbell, an F&M soccer star who passed away the day before his senior soccer season. The Center's main objectives provide a quality education and athletic facility where local children have an opportunity to be safe and flourish.