Athletic Leadership Council Hosts Leadership Workshop

LANCASTER, Pa. – Franklin & Marshall's Athletic Leadership Council (ALC) hosted the first ever Lancaster-Lebanon (LL) League Leadership Workshop for a group of nearly 100 local high school student-athletes on Sunday at the Mayser Center. Twenty-four LL member schools participated in the program, with each school bringing four student-athletes.

"Hosting an event like this was one of our initial goals when we formed the Athletic Leadership Council, and yesterday was a huge success," said Director of Athletics Patricia S.W. Epps. "This workshop will have far-reaching effects not only on the student-athletes who were involved, but also on their teammates that they will share their experiences with." 

"The initiative that our student-athletes displayed in organizing the program and sharing the experiences they have learned through sport was incredible. Overall, yesterday was a great start to a program that we plan on making an annual event here at F&M"

The F&M ALC organized and presented a variety of sessions on the topic of leadership to the participants, giving them an opportunity to exchange information and ideas on the subject. Participating student-athletes were placed in random groups and worked through a series of five exercises, before being broken up into three larger groups to discuss their experiences. Exercise topics included communication, goal setting, types of leadership and leaders, personal/team values, and how to conduct oneself on and off the field.  

The ALC, also known as the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), is a committee made up of student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience. The group also offers input on the rules, regulations and polices that affect student-athletes' lives on NCAA member institution campuses.

At F&M, the ALC also organizes and runs several community service events throughout the year. It hosts Haunted Hallways, an event for youth to trick-or-treat on Halloween night, as well as TeamWork, an event that helps the James Street Improvement District clean up and beautify the city blocks in its jurisdiction.

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