Dontae Johnson's NCAA Experience - Wednesday

Dontae Johnson's NCAA Experience - Wednesday

The Diplomats' trip to V.A. a success! We left Lancaster at 9 this morning and as usual somebodys always late, I'm not gonna say any names. As soon as we got on the bus I notice we had a couple of flat-screen tvs. I thought to my self "whats the point in having tvs if you can't use them?" So of course I made a request to watch Martin (best sitcom ever made!).

We watched Martin and enjoyed a couple laughs. In no time the whole team was out for the count like the first round of a Tyson fight. We woke up to some Golden Corral, good ol southern brunch haha. We returned to the bus, and got back on the road. Bryan, the bus driver, was flying, dipping through traffic.

We arrived at the Roanoke Hotel at 330pm. No bell hop so I guess they thought we were bag boys as well as ball players. After we check in and stuff we went to Roanoke College for practice. We were accompanied by our 'old' travel suits lol.

After a pretty light practice we headed back to the hotel to shower. For dinner we went to the Cornbeef & Company, where everybody got a variety of food and we watched Miami vs. Providence and Duequesne vs. V tech. Dinner was great, meaning that I'm suffering from the eyetis lol.

Now I'm chillin with the wonderful Jill Yamma dishing out this blog action haha. Who knows what we're getting into later on but I know one thing "we aint come all the way to Virginia for nothing, we taking this chip this weekend!"

Dontae aka Young Dont aka Shooter