Mayser Center Locker Rooms Receive Makeover

LANCASTER, Pa. – Franklin & Marshall’s athletic facilities have been given some significant upgrades over the last several years, and this past summer it was the Mayser Center locker rooms that received a noteworthy improvement.

"It's an incredible conversion of a beloved space, and the Athletic Department is very grateful to the College for this renovation," said Patty Epps, director of athletics and recreation. "It is a reflection of the College's ongoing commitment to providing our student-athletes with the resources they need to develop as learners and leaders."

The locker rooms, which had one section built in 1930 and another added in 1959, are divided into wings for men and women. Each portion contains private showers and will serve most F&M teams rotating throughout each season. The project, which cost $2.1 million, features locker rooms that contain pro-style wooden lockers with cushioned stools, flat-screen televisions to watch game film, and multi-purpose rubber floors. The visitor locker rooms were also updated.

The athletic training and rehabilitation room was also renovated and tripled in size to welcome a large amount of student-athletes. The athletic training room now incldues offices where athletic trainers and doctors can meet individually with athletes, a larger rehabilitation area, and twice as many exam tables.